Crazy Sexy Positions for couples

helping couples stay strong, Sexy, & synced.

See how we developed a couple's card game that simply works out.

at Sexletics, we’re all about fusing passion with fitness.

Our mission? To rekindle connections and enhance pleasure both personally and with your partner. Unlike other couples' games, Sexletics goes beyond just fitness or intimacy. Our sexercises are designed to spark a deep-seated desire to move your body, get playful, and connect with your lover. It’s not just about getting fit or having a wild date night.

As you play through each position, we hope every card brings you a pleasurable adventure.

We believe…

all bodies are beautiful

We believe every body type is beautiful, and that you deserve to feel strong and irresistibly sexy in the skin you’re in. Our cards are designed to empower couples of all fitness levels - even those at different stages - to find fun and connection in workouts tailored just for them.

couples who sweat together, stay together

Studies show that couples who do partner workouts experience more joy and health benefits. That's where we come in! Our Sexletics Signature Box includes over 70 exciting "sexercises" designed to enhance your physical and emotional connection.

every night is date night

Your gym gains rely on consistency, and so does a strong relationship. That’s why we don’t believe in waiting for “date night” or a romantic getaway to connect with your lover. Sexletics makes it so you never have to choose between gains and ‘gasms again.

Sexletics - Couples Workout Cards and exercises

Sleek & portable packaging

Our sleek packaging is designed for discretion and portability, making it easy to tuck Sexletics into your nightstand, suitcase, or gym bag. Wherever you're headed, take fun and fitness with you.

Customize Your Couples Workout

Tailor each workout to exactly how you're feeling. Our couples card game lets you adjust the intensity, duration, and specific muscle groups to align perfectly with your current mood. Including clear visuals and details on deepening your stretch or intimacy.

Master the moves

Each box comes with a comprehensive guide to get started quickly.  Follow the simple selection process or dive further to learn how to intensify your workout. It's all designed to get you moving confidently and passionately in no time.

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