Sexletcis - A sexy couples card game for date night


Spice up date night


turn fitness on its back

Discover the ultimate couples' workout deck, crafted for deeper connection and exhilarating sex. Sexletics isn't just about getting fit; it's about igniting desire.

kama sutra sex position card deck for couples

Strong, Sexy, Synced.

Sexletics is built to bring your passion and strength to new heights. Dip into over 70 tantalizing “sexercises” that promise to make every date night your favorite night of the week. It’s time to redefine pleasure and fitness.

get fit, feel sexy make every night spicy a fitness routine you can both get into
Couples workout deck with full body workouts

customize your vibe

Tailor each workout to exactly how you're feeling. Our card keys let you adjust the intensity, duration, and specific muscle groups to align perfectly with your current mood. It's your workout, your way.

visualize your moves

Every card comes with clear visuals, so you can easily see how to execute each sexercise. Perfect your form and enhance your workout experience with our step-by-step illustrations.

enhance your experience

Get more from each exercise thanks to detailed card descriptions. They're designed to help you maximize each position, whether you're aiming to intensify your stretch or share a more vulnerable moment with your partner.

the path to pleasure and fitness

Mix and match cards from 3 categories to create a workout routine you’ll both enjoy.

partner workouts - Plank and squat exervices

heat up

Who doesn’t love a little foreplay? Slide into the sheets and let our Heat-Up cards stretch your muscles. Uncover more than 19 flirty foreplay positions designed to get you both in the mood.

Kama Sutra Positions for Couples

workin’ it

As things start heating up, grab your Workin’ It cards to discover how to get deeper. Choose your adventure - pick one card for a high-intensity quickie or choose more for a full lovemaking workout routine.

Partner Exercises - Lift partner up by feet


Keep the connection going with our Afterglow cards that lead you through gentle stretches and sensual massages. Experience the ultimate post-workout glow together.

Best intercourse positions for couples and sexercise positions

connection & consistency- in one card game

Your gym gains rely on consistency, and so does a strong relationship. That’s why we don’t believe in waiting for “date night” to connect with your lover. Sexletics makes it so you never have to choose between gains and ‘gasms again.

Deck of cards for couples date night ideasModern Kama Sutra Positions

Spice up your workouts

Could your workout routine use a bit of excitement? Dive into the Sexletics deck from your nightstand and mix up a custom set of moves tailored to your fitness goals. It's all about teamwork here! Let your partner guide you into each move, adding a deeper layer of connection and fun. This is your chance to not just hit those fitness targets, but also to explore a whole new level of closeness with every rep.

Scientifically Better Sexy Times.

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“better than couples therapy”
“I love that they had inclusive positions for people just starting our fitness journey.”
“I’ve never thought I’d enjoy getting sweaty”