Sexletics Signature Box: The Couples Card Game for Fitness Lovers

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Create a playful partner workout that sparks your muscles and your passion

70+ “sexercises” designed to help couples ignite passion while sculpting their bodies

Sexletics Signature Box includes three card categories  for each stage of your workout: Heat Up (warm-up), Workin’ It (main workout), and Cool down (enough said). Whether you’re up for a swift, vigorous session or a lengthy, intimate engagement, Sexletics turns any space into your personal fitness haven for two.

we designed Sexletics to solve two struggles active couples face:  
  • How to find the perfect couple's workout you can both do 💑
  • How to keep your relationship spicy 🌶️

Each deck introduces progressively steamier exercises, mixing Yoga, Pilates, and high-intensity moves. Customizable for any fitness level, these workout cards will be your go-to to help strengthen core muscle groups and deepen your intimacy. Enjoy feeling more connected to your partner than ever before.

Don’t settle for the same-old routine, reignite your passion for exploring each other's body.

Karma Sutra sex positions with pictures

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Sexletics - Couples Workout Cards and exercises

Sexy, portable packaging

Our sleek packaging is designed for discretion and portability, making it easy to tuck Sexletics into your nightstand, suitcase, or gym bag. Wherever you're headed, take fun and fitness with you.

Customize Your Couples Workout

Tailor each workout to your fitness goals. Our couples card game lets you adjust the intensity, duration, and specific muscle groups to align perfectly with your current mood. Including clear visuals and details on deepening your stretch or intimacy.

Master the moves

Each card deck comes with a comprehensive guide to get started, quickly.  Pick one card from each category or use the guide to learn how to intensify your workout. It's designed to get you moving confidently and passionately in no time.

How To Play

Mix and match cards from 3 categories to create a couples' workout you’ll both enjoy.

Partner Exercises - Lift partner up by feetKama Sutra Positions for Couplespartner workouts - Plank and squat exervices


Get In The Mood

Set the tone of the evening with our Heat-Up cards. Enjoy  flirty sexercises designed to loosen you up physically and emotionally. The longer you stay in Heat, the more fun you’ll have.



Break A Sweat

When you’re ready,ramp things up with our Workin’ It cards. These cards are designed to let you control the intensity and pleasure of your workout.Keep it slow and steady for the ultimate pleasure or select more instense sexercises  to work up a sweat.



Connect In The Moment

You’ve heard of a post-sex cuddle, right? When you’re both ready to cool off grab one of our Afterglow cards. This deck leads couples through gentle stretches and sensual massages, perfect for feeling more connected. Experience the ultimate post-workout glow together.


Couples intimacy Card Deck

"Better than couples therapy"

~ Sally & Dan

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